Couchsurfing Travel Wallet

So after almost 4 years, I decided to replace my wallet I bought while traveling in Stockholm. It actually comes from New York. You can make your own or take a standard design at Dynomighty Design. I decided to make my own couchsurfing travel wallet, check it out =)

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Vienna, Austria in 2013

After I missed my flight from Budapest to Vienna(first time I’ve managed that haha), I got there with the train. After driving black and paying 30€ fee because there was not enough time to buy a ticket in advance. ^^

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Bratislava, Slovakia in 2013

Thanks to the tip of Fanne we could take a ride with Daniel to a day trip in Bratislava. A very cold cloudy day.

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Madame Butterfly Opera @ Budapest in 2013

Madame Butterfly at Budapest State Opera

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SlowMotion Pigeon landing @ Budapest in 2013

nice landing =)

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