London, England in 2015

4 nights trip with my friend Stef from to London, a (too) big city =)

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East-Europe Road Trip, in 2014

3 weeks roadtrip with Josh and Simona to Ulm, Munich, Klagenfurt, Bled, Ljubljana, Koper, Zagreb, Budapest and Maribor.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2014

3 days and nights with 7 friends in Ljubljana, a cute small town with super friendly people  =)

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My hometown @ Bern

Time to get some pics up from my hometown Bern & surrounding, also some pics to show upcoming visitors of what they can expect and some info pics like meeting points :)

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Couchsurfing Travel Wallet

So after almost 4 years, I decided to replace my wallet I bought while traveling in Stockholm. It actually comes from New York. You can make your own or take a standard design at Dynomighty Design. I decided to make my own couchsurfing travel wallet, check it out =)

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